Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

If you are looking for one of Mother Nature's best treats, look no further!

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We Ship!

Great news! You don't have to come to Vermont to enjoy some amazing, pure, Vermont Maple Syrup!!

We can ship directly to you!

Please contact us to order yours!

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Sizes and Grades

We offer Pints, Quarts, Half Gallons and Gallons.

There are three grades available:

Golden Delicate, a very light and fancy syrup.

Amber Rich, a medium grade of syrup, a bit more flavorful.

Dark Robust, a darker syrup, many people claim this particular grade to be the most flavorful!

*Not all grades are always available

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Crossroad Maple

Since 1986, Crossroad Maple sugarhouse has been producing pure Vermont Maple Syrup.  Although the technology may have changed for producing the syrup, our same Sugar Maple Trees are still blessing us with the same amazing sap used to boil down into everyone's favorite sweet treat!


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